The Development of Human Capital in Halal Product Business: Islamic Management Perspective

Abdus Salam Dz

  • Abdus Salam Dz


The basic resources in the activities of every business are human. Islam places human in their position as manager of nature (caliph). Managers in the most successful business organizations are those who able to manage human capital in an effective and efficient way. The business of halal products is entering the development trend, especially in Indonesia. Offering halal products is not enough to only be shown with a halal label, but must be truly halal in terms of inputs, processes, and products that are produced in order to provide benefits and blessings so as not to endanger consumers. Consuming halal products is an order of the Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Prophet. According to that, it is important to apply management that comes from Islamic teachings. This study aims: (1) to understand the importance of Islamic human capital productivity management (2) to discuss the pattern of productive human capital development in the management of effective and efficient halal product business sourced from Islamic teachings. This study used an analysis of qualitative content with document approaches, which analyzes various kinds of literature related to the topic of discussion, to produced normative descriptions. This study revealed that to manage a halal product business, it needs human capital productivity in the Islamic way. In its development, a management pattern that is sourced from Islamic teachings is necessary.

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