The Correlation of Human’s Behavior With Halal And Haram Food

Syarifuddin; Sakban Lubis; Zulfi Imron;

  • Syarifuddin


In this age, human attention towards metaphysical things is greatly reduced, this is because human attention is diverted by the rapid progress of various kinds of technology and the glitter of world life. The Current world situation is really worrying with various events, such as natural disasters, riots, catastrophes, and including those carried out by the leaders and authorities of the country. They threaten, berate and blame each other. Then what is the connection with the food? The author intends to analyze from the point of view of the correlation of human behavior with halal and haram foods according to metaphysics, namely what is eaten every day and where the food source comes from. This is very interesting, because according to the authors, Human through the potential of reason and sensory devices that are centralized in a single entity, called “soul” must be able to reach anything that can be seen which is haram and halal eaten by the five human senses (physics), Although indications or effects of which cannot be seen by the five human senses (metaphysics). So there is no reason for human not to pay attention and develop their abilities in terms of metaphysics. Some spiritual references that have indicated to metaphysics, proving that food plays an important role in shaping a person's behavior, emotions and actions. This situation stated not only in one religion but also found in other religions. The Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet (Blessings of Allah be upon Him with Peace), teaches every Muslim to eat the "halal and healthy" means that there are clear requirements which are seen in their physical and also unseen or metaphysical conditions which have an effect on their souls. So, the author hope to the nutritionists and other experts, especially those who determine the halal label food to research and analyze the existence of food not only seen from the physical course but also pay attention to the metaphysical things. This aims to avoid the impacted of food on a person's behavior from various dimensions, such as easy depression, stress, various bad behaviors, etc.

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