Study of Halal Medan City Tourism Destination In Tourism Marketing Perception

Miftah El Fikri; Dewi Nurmasari Pane;

  • Miftah El Fikri


Tourism is the most promising industry in the future, where every country competes to improve and invest in tourist destinations for the better and has a characteristic that can be enjoyed by all tourists. The diversity of regions from which tourists are based is the basis of perception, when visiting Medan City. Medan City is the capital of North Sumatra Province, where the majority of the population is Muslim, but does not reflect the Islamic atmosphere in its activities. Halal tourism is the basis for tourists who are Muslim to visit, the paradigm that arises and forms in the minds of tourists makes the city of Medan a city that is less friendly to halal atmosphere. This study aims to improve the paradigm of Medan in order to become a city that is friendly to Muslim tourists, by providing strategic and technical marketing strategies so that it can be done well in the future. In this study also found that the factors that influence visits to tourist destinations are; characteristics, atmosphere, experience, accommodation, infrastructure, transportation, perception, communication, promotion and security.

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