Psychosocial Support According to Islamic Teachings on Volcano Disaster Victims

Syahferi Anwar, Srimis Leini, Zuidah, Dewi Ramadani Bulolo;

  • Syahferi Anwar


Volcanic disasters make survivors feel helpless. They experience a variety of psychological disorders such as deep grief, depression, anxiety, or strong guilt. Some other people experience, have difficulty controlling anger and are easily suspicious and a lot has been done by psychologists and psychiatrists and cope with it, but there are still many survivors who do not get the therapy. Disaster is a trial for human on the earth: Islam teaches humanity through the Qur'an to provide guidance to us especially in addressing this life, by imitating the attitude and behavior of the Prophet, so that we can overcome various problems calmly. Therefore, in anticipating and overcoming stressful behavior that afflicts the servants of Allah, it will always be guided by the guidance of the Prophet without coming out of the lines of him. The concepts that are within the Islamic corridor include solutions including religious tourism, worship (prayer, meditation, relaxation, etc.) Psychosocial support efforts or support carried out by individual, groups or communities outside of someone in a social interaction in daily life that is full of love and protection, helps adjust to problems or difficult situations faced (Yayasan Pulih, 2011), good and positive psychosocial support in accordance with that is taught by religion will help the survivors or victims become better and be able to add a self-approach to God

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