Indonesia’s Halal Commodity Supply for International Trade Market

Dewi Mahrani Rangkuty;

  • Dewi Mahrani Rangkuty


: Indonesia as one of Moslem country in the world which had majority. Micro or middle industries in Indonesia produce halal products like food, beverage, fashion, tourism located until cosmetics as the complement. It means, the commodity had spread in domestic market where always there demand and supply market on the period. This activities could be contributing for regional income then for national because of price market condition. The price of every product determined by the domestic market because the products still as local. If the commodity has popular in domestic, next target as opportunities being the halal commodity can spread at international market. The basic purpose, kind of Indonesia’s halal commodity supply had known by international community. It would be increasing the halal commodity supply for international market, and the prices changed. Indonesia has opportunities for export Indonesia’s halal commodity at international market, at least for ASEAN community. This activities sure could be Indonesia popular in the world with the halal product because Indonesia’s halal commodity still low contribute. The perfect supply of Indonesia’s halal commodity could be as motivation for domestic government to increase the performance of export. Many kind of the Indonesia’s export commodity as value added opportunities for domestic. Production increase then export for national income increased. For the end, these would be helping natural and human resources domestic for income per capita, the economic growth increase happen. The value for income per capita very important for government as domestic society welfare.

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