Management Education In Improving Plenary Human Resources

Mukhsinuddin, Muhammad Faisal;

  • Mukhsinuddin


This study discusses about Education has the task of preparing human resources for development. The pace of development is always sought in tune with the demands of the times. Age development always raises new problems that have never been thought of before. This chapter will examine the main problems of education, and the interrelationships between these points, the factors that influence their development and actual problems and how to overcome them. An education is seen as quality-measured from its position to participate in educating the nation's life and advancing national culture-is education that has succeeded in forming a young generation that is intelligent, characterless, moral and personable. For this reason, it is necessary to design an education system that is able to create a pleasant atmosphere and learning process, stimulate and challenge students to develop themselves optimally according to their talents and abilities. Providing opportunities for each student to develop optimally according to their talents and abilities is one of the principles of democratic education. Regarding the problem of education, the attention of our government still feels very minimal. This picture is reflected in the variety of problems of education that are increasingly complicated. The quality of students is still low, teachers are less professional, education costs are expensive, even the rules for education are chaotic. The impact of poor education, our country going forward will be worse. This downturn can also be a result of the small average education budget allocation at the national,  provincial and city and district levels. Settlement of education problems should not be carried out separately, but steps or actions must be taken that are comprehensive. That is, we not only pay attention to budget increases. Because it's useless, if the quality of human resources and the quality of education in Indonesia is still low. The problem of implementing a nine-year compulsory education is actually still a big task for us. The fact that we can see that many in the periphery do not have adequate educational facilities. With the abandonment of the nine-year compulsory education program many Indonesian children have dropped out of school before they complete the nine-year compulsory education. With these conditions, it is impossible for us to educate them to become complete human beings for their future.

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