The Study of Halal Insurance

Hernawaty, Yossi Fadly;

  • Hernawaty


The study of the Halal Insurance examines the literature on Islam-related insurance. Halal insurance is to protect each other, please help among a number of people/parties through investment in the form of assets or tabarru’ which gives the pattern of returns to face certain risks through contract (the Alliance) that in accordance with the Sharia. There are many differences between sharia insurance with conventional insurance in terms of the concept, the elements of gharar, maisir and usury, Syariah Supervisory Board, Akkad, the handling of risks, fund management, investment fund, ownership, source of payment claims, and advantage. The goal of insurance halal is more directed toward the mission of aqidah, worship, iqtishodi (economy) and the empowerment of the people. The principle used in Islamic insurance is the principle of unity, justice, help each other, mandate, mutual pleasure, avoid gharar, maisir and usury. The type of income in the Insurance Fund’s income consists of halal tabarru’ and the company’s revenue.

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