Law Enforcement Against The Collateral Provisions Halal Products In Medan

Fitri Rafianti

  • Fitri Rafianti


The purpose of this research was to know and understand the sense of the importance of halal products for Muslims in Indonesia in particular communities of Medan North Sumatra, Act No. 33 Year 2014 about Halal Products Warranty (JPH) is the legal instrument that provide protection and ensure the public in consuming and using the product kosher. Organizing the JPH aims to provide comfort, security, safety and certainty of availability of kosher products in consuming and using products and increase the added value to the perpetrators of the attempt to produce and sell halal products. Approach the problem in this research use the juridical normative approach and empirical as juridical support with data collection through the study of librarianship and field/(Library research and field research) research results indicate that Law enforcement efforts against the offender offenders UUJPH yet seemed, if anything it looks like not published, This should be accessible to the public as a form of transparent in law enforcement related implementation of UUJPH saw the condition of this legal uncertainty consumers will always felt was – was about the products they use, given the the scope of the subject UUJPH includes the Government, the businessmen and the community, so that the necessary thoroughness and accuracy in execution JPH. North Sumatra city of Medan or currently is one of the cities that will become an icon of the region that have the assurance of Halal Products via a draft local regulations (Ranperda)) about the supervision Halal Products and guarantees and hygienic. .  But until recently Ranperda that is already designed and is rumored to have already completed never ratified, it does bring up a question mark for the public about the legal certainty and the rule of law in Indonesia, given the large number of agencies involved within the scope of this very UUJPH gives opportunities to the onset of attraction – attracting interest among one another, this needs to be anticipated as a form of law enforcement that are not sharply down but blunt up, so that the community can entrust the management of the thing which is very sensitive to stakeholders as their representative.

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