Islamic Language Effects On Interests For Buying Communities In Choosing Cosmetic Products

Rusyda Nazhirah Yunus;

  • Rusyda Nazhirah Yunus


Language development is increasing rapidly every year, language is an attraction for companies to attract selling power, one of them is by using a foreign language. In its development, Islamic society is increasingly concerned in choosing products, brand language is a determining factor for people who want to try new cosmetic products. This study reveals the influence of attitudes that have an impact on people's buying interest in Islamic-speaking products, in this study the object of his research was wardah cosmetics. Wardah comes from Arabic, therefore it is known that the impact of Islamic language has a positive and significant effect on consumer decisions in purchasing wardah products. This research is quantitative research, The number of samples was 92 respondents who were students of the Panca Budi Development University Accounting Department.  The analysis technique used is multiple regression methods and hypothesis testing using the F test and t test. The results of the study show that Islamic Language has a positive effect on interest in Purchasing. and the variable that has the most dominant influence on purchasing decisions is the variable brand in Arabic. From this study obtained R2 value of 0.724, it means that 72% of Purchase Decision variables can be explained by the independent variable, Islamic Language. The value of 28% is explained by other variables outside the equation.

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